Thinking Out of the Product #21

2 min readJun 2, 2022


Thoughts on Product Management (ADPList Product Week edition #3)

Key Learnings from ADPList Product Week 2022:

The Rebel Product Manager — Break Those Rules

What makes up a “product rebel” mindset? = being curious & questioning is critical
1. Curiosity: Being curious fundamental in nature; think about the WHY, e.g. Why is the customer saying …? (both qualitative customer feedback such as from 1-to-1 interviews and focus group discussions are valuable in providing the context behind analytics/numbers)

Creator: Open Data Watch — Data2x:

2. Positivity: being confident, evangelising and believing in the product strategy
3. Perseverance: persevering against the flow of things (and challenging the norm)
4. Humility: important in taking the team onboard the journey & keeping customer-centric

Other Learning Points:
- Empower our differences: Bring in people with diverse opinions and backgrounds
- Enable “rebels” to innovate: The key is to manage the different ways of thinking
- Breaking the rules is NOT negative if it’s done the right way: What are customers telling you? Challenge and validate those assumptions.
- Use success stories of challenging norms as a case study to demonstrate why it is valuable to the organisation

Recommended reading: Rebel Talent by Francesca Gino (
Speaker: Andrew Howe, Senior Product Manager @




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