Thinking Out of the Product #19

1 min readMay 30, 2022


Thoughts on Product Management (ADPList Product Week edition)

Thinking Out of the Product

Key Learnings from ADPList Product Week 2022

MasterClass: 5 Types of Product Managers In Demand


  1. What do product managers do? Product managers (PM) need to know the customers, business and technology really well. PMs discover product opportunities and prioritise the use of the company’s resources throughout the product lifecycle. (discovery -> delivery -> market adoption)
Product Lifecycle
Product Lifecycle from

2. Internal customer product teams — made up of different team compositions, an example would be that of a product leader, alongside the customer-facing Customer Experience team, Partnership Services team, Growth & Marketing team, Platforms team.

Team structure example: PM, Tech Lead, Designer, 4–5 Engineers

(A) Customer Experience team: application forms (KPI: % conversion)
(B) Partnership Services team: partnership initiatives (KPI: partner-sourced revenue) see more:
(C) Growth & Marketing team: marketing website & channels (KPI: unique site visits, conversions, bounce rate)
(D) Platforms
team: service platforms (KPI: company deliverables)




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